Scalability Matters for Drupal
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Highly Scalable

Even if you’re delivering the world’s greatest digital experience to your customers, it won’t matter if your site gets hit with lots of traffic and goes down. Drupal can keep up and ensure that your site’s available - even when you’re really popular.

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Scalability for Serious Sites

Drupal powers more than a million sites worldwide - big enterprises, like GE and Pfizer, and sites that experience extreme traffic bursts, like the GRAMMY Awards and NBC Olympics. Drupal’s scalability means that, even on its busiest days, your site will perform spectacularly.

Traffic Spikes or Constant Traffic

The Weather Company uses Drupal to help manage content on its site, among the 100 or so busiest sites in the world. Others, like and publications in the Time Inc. family, handle periodic traffic spikes easily -- all on Drupal.

Accommodates Content Growth

Drupal scales to support the most content-rich sites and experiences - it won’t bend or break. Corporate site? Commerce-focused? Media and publishing? Brand marketing site? Create all the content you want. Drupal can handle it - and ensure your site always runs in turbo mode.

Scales to handle more traffic, content - and users!

Whether you have 1 or 1,000 content contributors (or more!), Drupal is up to the task. Scalability is Drupal’s middle name -- handling high volumes of visitors, content and Drupal users. It’s all in a day’s work for sites running on Drupal.