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Easy Content Authoring

Intuitive tools in Drupal for content creation, workflow and publishing make it easy for content creators to do their jobs. Authentication and permissions help manage editorial workflows efficiently, and previews show how content will look on any device before users approve and publish.

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Content management at your fingertips

Drupal provides ease of use, mobile editing, in-place content creation and granular tagging to make content useful and powerful for sites, mobile apps and other applications.
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Mobile Editing

On-the-go team members can review, edit and approve content from mobile devices, like iPhones, iPads and Android devices, to keep content and campaigns flowing, regardless of where they are and what device they’re on.

In-place Authoring

Drupal allows you to create content with a WYSIWYG editor or to create and edit content in-place: browse to a page, click on the content, and edit right in the context of the content.

Content Revisioning

Drupal enables a quick and easy way to track all changes and revisions - a necessary capability if you have multiple editors and need to maintain a history of content changes. Drupal tells you who did what, when, out of the box.

Content Workflows

Drupal lets you create and manage custom, editorial workflows for all your content processes. Drupal lets you view the stage your content is in -- from creation to review to publication -- and lets you manage user roles and actions, automatically.

Content Tagging and Taxonomy

Beyond creating content, Drupal’s strength is creating structured content – define content elements, tag content based on any attributes, create relevant taxonomy for content so it can be searched, found, used, and reused in ways that satisfy visitors.