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Content as a Service

Web content used to have one purpose in life: to get pushed to a web page viewed through a desktop browser. But content now must flow freely to sites, native apps, connected devices and show up on third-party sites and social networks too. Digital experiences demand content flexibility. Drupal’s content-as-a-service approach opens the door to ultimate flexibility.

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Deliver Richer Digital Experiences

Drupal lets you think outside the page-based mentality, separating content management from content display, enabling front-end developers to create engaging customer experiences that sing.
Infinite content

Infinitely Reusable, Future-Proof Content

Most CMSes try to do it all. They manage content in a back-end repository and push it to “front-end” templates that serve up an experience (often static). Drupal lets you decouple the back and front ends where useful. So Drupal content can exist as reusable chunks, free from presentation, ready for creative delivery to sites and apps. Content becomes future-proof.

Unleash Frontend

Unleash Front-End Developers To Build Better Experiences

Drupal’s presentation-neutral content and a RESTful API means front-end developers can come off their leash. They can build interactive sites and apps how they want. Faster. And use tools and frameworks like Node, Angular, Backbone, Ember and others. Free from CMS constraints so their creative vision can be realized and not compromised by the CMS itself..

Fill the content bucket

Fill the Content Bucket More Easily

Your content doesn’t just have to come from your organization. Today, content needs to move in and out freely. Drupal makes it easy to ingest third-party content (e.g. from aggregators and syndicators), bringing content into your Drupal environment, then making it easy to push to any site, app or channel.

Share Content Beyond Your Sites

Today, organizations want to share content across many different channels and apps, and get that content out where the audiences are inside of content aggregators disrupting the news business. Content teams need an easy way to create content, then share it with minimal effort. With Drupal’s content-as-a-service capability, Drupal content is easily consumed by other sites and apps you choose.

Change the Look

Change the Look, Change the Experience in a Snap

Separating back-end content from front-end presentation offers a big bonus: It makes it easy for Drupal front-end developers to redesign or reskin an experience, minus worrying about the content in the CMS. With Drupal, redesigns are a snap - change the look, change the experience.