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Filling Bigger Baskets, Faster with SpartanNash

SpartanNash is a growing US grocery distributor and retailer with over 160 corporate & independent retail locations in 10 states. From price-conscious shoppers to food aficionados, SpartanNash serves a variety of consumers under a host of different banners, each with their own distinctive brand.

The Challenge

SpartanNash asked Myplanet to reimagine the user experience of their top banner sites to match the quality, uniqueness, and community-orientation of their in-store experiences, and serve the increasing number of consumers arriving on their sites from mobile devices. Moreover, they needed to bolster and simplify the digital registration process for their Yes! rewards program to increase program engagement and ultimately, drive consumers to the store to fill “bigger baskets.”

Responsive design

The Strategy

Myplanet began by visiting a number of the SpartanNash retail locations and studying the experience, while also engaging in phone-based interviews with consumers from a variety of customer segments. We learned that while many tactics keep consumers in the grocery store to upsell and increase purchasing, today’s busy consumers require solutions to help them get in and out. To stay competitive, modern grocery stores need to balance a need to fill bigger baskets with efficiency and value for consumers.

These insights were foundational in the final product. In 9 months, we built a web presence with a vision to help new and existing SpartanNash customers fill big bigger baskets, but faster.

The Solution

To enable an efficient experience, Myplanet introduced an information architecture and intuitive mobile interface to make the most critical information and actions accessible immediately while on the go. And to drive greater value for consumers, we recommended a vendor-sponsored advertorial content strategy in lieu of traditional banner advertising.

Of course, as advocates of great workplace experience, we also worked with content staff at SpartanNash headquarters to understand their workflow and support timely, accurate, and simplified content publishing across their extensive portfolio of store banner sites. The result was a Drupal-based multisite platform that gives content producers the ability to easily publish content from a single source with attractive imagery, colour, and type specific to the appropriate banner.


Outcomes & Next Steps

Since launching in July of 2015, the SpartanNash banner sites have seen dramatic improvement across key metrics. For example, the FamilyFare banner saw an increase of 29% in mobile traffic, 85% in total pageviews, a 15% drop in overall bounce rate, and over 50% increase in average session duration. Additionally, as a source of traffic and engagement for brands that stock their products at SpartanNash stores, the SpartanNash websites have risen dramatically in ranking.

What’s next for the banner sites? The SpartanNash retail locations have a reputation for being intimately local. Customers frequently praise their neighbourly service and community involvement. With an intuitive web presence built on Drupal, Myplanet has equipped SpartanNash with a foundation to begin exploring enhanced content curation, from content personalization to localized content. Coupons can be contextual, content can be regional, and community events can be relevant to consumer tastes. In short, SpartanNash is set to capture even further the true experience of a neighbourhood grocery store.

SpartanNash, a growing US grocery distributor and retailer, asked Myplanet to reimagine their top banner sites to better serve their content publishers and an increasingly mobile customer base.
What started as a simple responsive reskin quickly evolved into an in-depth design & development project that's helped us rethink how we market online. Myplanet was instrumental in helping us understand the potential of mobile.

Facts & Figures

  • Mobile Trafic: +29%
  • Page Views: +85%
  • Bounce Rate: -15%
  • Session Duration: +50%
  • Delivery Timeframe: 9 months
  • Banner Sites: 8

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